Please make "select/deselect all" buttons for "Paste listing components" sheet

Please make a set of buttons for selecting and deselecting all entries on the sheet. I had to run a script whenever i needed to only paste shipping settings for example. Quite tedious really!

Have you tried to <command-key>-<click> on one of the checkboxes???

<command-clicking> a checkbox will select or unselect all checkboxes for me…


Alright, that worked. Thanks!

Is this in the manual? Never bothered to RTFM, GS seemed intuitive enough for me.

It is:

“You can switch on/off all components at once by holding down the command (cmd) key when selecting one checkbox.”

Regards, Kristian

Thanks @kristian, i’ll make sure to RTFM the next time :slight_smile: Have a great day!

It is “kinda” a Mac standard… The macOS Calendar app (iCal) allows it for the list of Calendars.


I honestly didn’t know, even though i pride myself with being a keyboard warrior. Thanks for letting me know!

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