Please reconsider v8 pricing

TL;DR: make synching & image hosting optional for additional price and realign the pricing of v8 to match eBay store tiers.

I’ve been a GrageSale user since 2013. I really do love the software and give Iwascoding high praise and recommendations. But with the announced subscription fee I can no longer recommend this software for low volume and basic users.

I do not understand how price can skyrocket like this. GarageSale seems to be on a 5 year version cycle, so going from $20/40 every 4-5 years to $15 per month is nuts while forcing options a small seller has no need for.

How can I justify the monthly cost of GatageSale when I have a “Starter” package on eBay for $5 per month for 100 listings (which I was forced to after the GTC mandate). I do not need the Synching feature I only have 100 listings and do about $400-$600 or less per month on eBay. My fees are about $80 per month between eBay and Pay-Pal. Adding $15 per month makes it not worth it in the long run for me.

All of the big ticket improvements are for high volume sellers. There seems to be a huge gap in the middle to low end pricing structures.

Please, please let the GrageSale do 100 listings per month at the flat one time price. If you want a subscription service I feel it should adjust along with ebays store pricing tiers.

Going forward, my plan is to stay on version 7 as long as possible. I’ll take the time to see what other software is available for Mac to create listings or write directly in ebay. Maybe just drop down to 50 listings after a while. Everyone wants access to my wallet on a monthly basis. At some point it’s just not worth these incremental costs.

Amazing how frustrated, disappointed and mad I’ve been at Pay-Pal, eBay and now GarageSale this year!!

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Please see here for an explanation for the price increase:

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