Please update list of couriers

Whilst composing an eBay listing within Garagesale, we have a list of approximately a dozen courier companies, yet when it comes to updating dispatch details, the list contains only 5 of these companies.
Please update this list to include among others, Hermes, DPD, Yodel, TNT etc. It’s no good adding a Tracking Number if I can’t add the relevant courier company.

Which eBay site are you listing on? Last time I looked eBay did only offer a subset of the available shipping companies when uploading tracking number. I’ll check if that list has changed by now, but I’ll need to know your eBay site.

This is with

This is the list of available couriers when creating a listing:

This is the reduced list available when trying to leave a tracking number:

Hermes, DPD, Yodel and others need to be in the 2nd list.

Thanks. We’ll cook up something for one of the next beta releases.