Postage Service - Collection is set as last service

Since upgrading to GarageSale 8 I get the following warning message when starting a listing -
Postage Service - Collection is set as last service
Postage Service Collection in Person(311) is set as the last service

This warning message now always appears even though “collect in person” IS set as the last service!

How do I get rid of this message?

You should be able to <right>-<click> on the warning message in the Launch Control window and choose the “Ignore messages like this” menu item.


Hi Neal - agreed! But that’s ignoring the message.
The problem is that the warning is wrong, it shouldn’t be shown. “Collect in Person” is my last postage option but the warning message suggests it isn’t and that eBay/GS will change it.

Small thing, I can live with it if nobody knows…

I just tried to reproduce that eBay error and created a listing (eBay UK) with two domestic shipping options:

  1. Royal Mail 1st class
  2. Collection in person

Result: During verifying I don’t get that “Collection is set as last service” error. I only get a strange “invalid free shipping for this service” warning message from eBay (which can be ignored).

What’s the first shipping service that you have selected? Did you enter a shipping fee?

Regards, Kristian

Hi Kristian - thanks for looking into this.
My postal options are almost identical to your, except I have

  1. Royal Mail 2nd Class - fee of GBP 3.25 (first entry)
  2. Collect in Person - fee of zero (second entry)

I also got “Invalid Free shipping for this service” warning message, but that changed recently to the messages I now get.

Sorry, I am a bit clueless here why it doesn’t work for you. Is it an option for you to setup a shipping profile and then try it with that profile selected?

More about profiles/eBay’s “Business Policies”:

Just note that you also have to use a profile for Payments and Returns if you use a shipping profile.

Regards, Kristian

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