Postage service Hermes Tracked(322) is not available

I have been fighting this all day. I have not listed anything yet as this is my first attempt. I have 30 items poised and ready to go and they all say this or variants for royal mail and parcel force. If i tick rate table it says create a rate table. Where, How.



Can you get more details on what eBay site you are trying to list?

It is the uk site


I have some more information.

If I open preferences and go to the accounts/ebay tab and then update account details i can monitor (through a internet connections tool) a message to

It seems no details are being downloaded from


Can you send a screenshot of your shipping options panel, so I can try to replicate your settings? Or even better, export the listing producing the error, zip it up and send it to us?

try changing your shipping fees to ‘Flat’. Recently for some reason mine had switched to ‘Calculated’ on some listings, and what ever method (royalmail/courier etc) I’d select for shipping I’d get similar errors when verifying the listings…

so, this…

will bring up this error when verifying/uploading


so change it to this…and just select your shipping method as usual, and should work.


I have had to create a paper shipping rate table with weights down one side and provider/service along the top.
Using this table and the dimensions/weight i had put into the package I was able to post all the stuff using a flat rate as suggested.

What is really weird is that i had started with 2 items and ran preflight and came back with a green no errors. So at some point during the data entry the green went to amber then red with, as above, ‘Postage type is not supported’ (even with collect in person). So having had a green which turned to red for no reason other than there were 30 items and not 2 I assumed it was garage sale and not ebay.

Thanks for the input guys. Happy now ;0

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