Postage to worldwide as well as UK


I can’t get garage sale to list as available to ship worldwide

any ideas, as i have it set up in the files



Can you post a screenshot of your international shipping settings?

Did you specify any international services in the “International” tab? (At the very top of your second screenshot).

yes i have

I’m pretty sure I’ve had this here for the last set of uploads, when i make the auctions active though it seems it removes this info

im posting them to will this list them for international viewing?



Yes, once you specify an international services, it should be available from other eBay sites, if the buyer selects the “Search Internationally” option.

I’m going to cancel the active auctions now, ill re post and see what happens, but its a proper pain in the ass at the moment as it says i don’t ship worldwide

Hi Alan,

you might want to check/remove your settings in the “Excluded Locations” tab, too.

Regards, Kristian

You can also use the “Revise” feature in GarageSale to update your running listing instead of canceling them.

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