Pricing Doesn't "Stick" Like It Used To in the BIN Box

Within GS I’m now creating Duplicates of many listings because there are no longer templates. That’s not the way I’d have gone, but fine.

That said, on previous versions of GS, when I typed a price in the BIN box, it would hold.

It now appears I have to click on another part of the screen on hit return after entering a price, otherwise it will list the item with the same price of the prior listing the duplicate was created from, even though I’ve typed in and can see the new price in the BIN box.

This has cost me hundreds of dollars due to erroneous lowball pricing. Please fix.

Overall, I feel like GS7 requires extra keystrokes which GS6 did not. Yes, these are little things, but do add up, time-wise. The most streamlined listing process is the best, in my view.

Also, is there a preference I can check that will cause the "‘Garage Sale Launch Control’ Completed Successfully"windows to shut themselves after a listing launches? I’m sick of shutting down & restarting the program, or worse, kicking them all shut, to clear my screen (more time-wasting).


I couldn’t reproduce this issue, but maybe you need to click on a specific area of the screen to trigger it?

Not yet, but I just added your request to our to do list.

Here you go. Notice the difference between the two “Buy It Now” prices.

In GS6, I did not need to have to click on another part of the screen or return for the price in the BIN box to change. If I launch from this screen, the item will list as $9.99, when I’ve entered $4.99 as the new price.

Unfortunately, I’ve had a bunch of items that should’ve been priced higher launch because the price doesn’t change until I hit return or similar.

Yes, it’s one keystroke, but why should it be needed when in previous version it was not?

I could reproduce the issue by following these steps:

  • Compose your Listing
  • Choose “Start Listing” but don’t immediately click start in the “Launch Control” window
  • Go back to the Listing, change the BIN price but don’t press Return
  • Click “Start” in the still open “Launch Control”

I believe it’s fixed with this version:

Thanks, I hadn’t updated to the newer version (but selling a $300 item for $130 due to this issue changed that!!) - works fine now. I should be checking for updates more often.

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