Print Shipping labels for ebay paypal using zebra printer

After 10 years of trying different printers, software or online providers i finally found a easy and quick solution. i downloaded the demo thermal driver from http-// It work fantastic. i can’t believe i waited so long and waysted my time with the other solutions. Once you buy the driver its yours no monthly fee or cost.
It will let you print direct from ebay shipping to the zebra printer you have via usb. You can also print direct from us mail, ups, fed-ex ETC ETC

I would like to see iwascoding and peninsula do a cross promotion of each others product
I know i am not the only mac user that is looking for a shipping label solution.
This is one slick solution. Go and check it

i really like the new support forum
Thanks fred

lol I understand your excitement. When I figured out how do get a Dymo XL to do it I was over the moon. I was so happy to get rid of the endicia monthly fees!

ok i thought i would get a lot more interest in this. and this kind of confuses me
how are you printing your lables??


Just purchased GarageSale. Would I be able to print my labels directly from the software using the Demo XL?

you would need to go and look at the list of supported printers on there web page.I’m using the zebra zp455 got it ob ebay for $105.00i hardly use my dell color laser anymorefred

Will - only if you pay for Endicia. But I can show you how to print from your My eBay page with one.

the cool thing about the driver is you only paid once and you only pay once for the printer
Endicia is not free. its one more fee on top of ebay and paypal fees you pay

i sell a lot of low $$ items and by the time you take all the fees there is not much left for me.

Here are the Safari print settings for a Dymo 4XL. This will print from My eBay with no Endicia fees. I cancelled my account a couple months ago. Works great.

ok cool
why do you need endicia to begin with. just asking
im all for free printing

Well it is pretty seamless and works better for super large quantity shipping. For a long time it was difficult or even impossible to print labels without endica on a dymo if you had a mac. But I am all about the free now lol.

FREE is the way to go.

i’ve been working on this a long time and at one point i read online that you could use a brother QL 700 for mail and ups
after i got it it was all make believe. i like the set up i have now and would recommend it to anyone doing selling online

thanks fred