Pro Design Properties titles failing eBay's active content checker

I bought the “Pro: Colorbar” design a while back (I believe from the GarageSale 6 era) and have constructed my current templates from and have gone to great pains to make sure that all of my design and description code was active content compliant. Before I set about the MASSIVE task of updating and refreshing my 6000+ listings, I used the active content checker at and the entire design passed and I thought all was well. However, eBay has just recently integrated an active content checker in the “revise your item” function, and it is showing that it is failing.

I tracked the problem down to the code within the “Pro Design Options” in the Properties, specifically the Store Name and the Box Titles of the Info Boxes. The titles show in the code as if they are links. I’m attaching a screen shot of the problem code. The code on the left is the original code. Code on the right was changed by eBay’s helper function. Specifically, the difference is the addition of the “target=“_blank” to the code.

I know that I read somewhere that you say that all designs from the design store are active content free, but I need to know if the link target issue is fixed as well. If so, I’m happy to purchase the template again, but if not, how soon will this be addressed?

Thanks for the help and keep up the good work!

  • Chris

Hi Chris,

could it be that you somehow edited the original source code e.g. on the eBay website directly? I am asking because I see code that’s not there by default: It seems you somehow inserted code to change the font size of the info box titles.

However, regarding the target="_blank" attributes added by eBay: Please download the latest version of the Pro Design from the Design Store. It already includes the target attribute so you should be fine.

To download/update it, please simply select “Show Design Templates” (Window menu), click on the cart icon in the toolbar and enter the transaction ID to re-download your design(s). You should find the transaction ID in the confirmation mail from iwascoding. If not, please contact the support.

Regards, Kristian


Thank you for the reply. Yes, I did insert some html code into the Properties title fields (font size I believe). I found that I could customize the look of the title with the addition of some simple html within the field. This code isn’t the problem though. That was the first thing that I tested. On your original code, line 195 is commented “!-- info box links: --” and line 214 is commented as closing those links, so it looks like the code may have been written as if links were originally intended, but not used?

I will update the template later today and will let you know!

You have my most sincere thanks.

  • Chris


You guys nailed it! All is well. You have my undying gratitude!

  • Chris

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