Pro Design Template Problem

Hi there,
I am having a problem with my pro design template. I bought it on my laptop, and I did all my work there. But now, I would like to edit templates on my iMac, so after exporting those, I find out that my iMac does not load the template, just the free ones, which I do not use. How I can work with the paid template on a new station, thank you!

This should do the trick:

On your iMac open GarageSale 7 and simply select “Show Design Templates” (Window menu). In that window click on the cart icon in the toolbar and enter the transaction ID to re-download your design(s).
If you no longer have the transaction ID, please contact the support.

Also, this only works if you use the same GarageSale license on both Macs.

Regards, Kristian

Thanks, I will try that! :sunny:

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