Pro Design vs Mobile Friendly?

Hello, I have purchased quite a few of the designs from the shop in the past but unfortunately some of them are now not mobile friendly and I no longer use them, I am interested in purchasing the Pro Compact Design for my shop but does anyone know if this is mobile friendly? Thanks Lee

It is, you have to select the “optimized for iphone” option in properties tab (using GS 7).

Thanks for your reply.

I always do select that but unfortunately some of these templates are still not mobile friendly for eBay now - even with that option selected. If you go into your item on eBay and select the revise page - then the Mobile Friendly option often they are not optimised properly and you need to tweek them. I have tried out some the shop designs this morning once again and on an iPhone you can see the side bar menu all jumbled up just under the condition notes. The shop design does not appear to show very well on a mobile…do you use the Compact Pro shop at all?

Could you post a screenshot so we can see what you see?

Also, can you post or send me a link to one of the listings in questions so I can have a closer look at it?

Regards, Kristian

P.S. Please don’t expect a super-fast answer because I am already on vacation officially.


Don’t do this. Never change something created within GS from ebay, it’s a mess (tried…) and creates more problems.

Are you using any fixed sized image in your design? A link would help as already told by Kristian. Furthermore, apart from this graphic problem, is there any other warning by ebay that say it is not mobile friendly? Give it a try

I used much time ago, now I am using pro: urban which is very very similar and everything works fine… almost everything…

Hi there, thanks for your reply - I started looking at it (I am in England by the way) when started emailing stating they would give priority to mobile friendly auctions. I DO use square images maybe that is the issue not sure…what I will do is over the holiday do a couple of screenshots for you and send you the links. Unfortunately some of the designs I purchased are not mobile friendly at all but I am not sure why the shop format I tried the text is jumbled. No rush I will experiment again and send you a couple of screen shots, thanks for your reply :slight_smile:

Welcome. A link would be more than enough and will point out the problem without guessing , hopefully. Anyway…

do you mean items photos or something else? If item photos, it should not be the problem… we wait for the link!

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