Pro Template Modification - Nuance

I purchased the pro template Nuance.
Is it possible to remove all background color and make this a white template?
I can remove the pattern through the background edit box, but there’s no way that I’ve found to remove the gray lower half of the template.
Also, when i change the background image the subtitle size reduces with no option to resize.

Here’s an image of what i’m working with.
I just want to get the gray to white.
want a super simple design like placard with pro store options.
Is this something that would have to be done in design template utility?
if so, how do i get that for 7? no goodies folder.

I’m sorry, I cannot give you an answer at the moment. Our designer Kristian is on paternity leave for the next 3 weeks. It might be possible with some CSS magic, but that’s above our head.

Also, you cannot modify purchased designs with the Design Template utility (which currently is compatible with GS 7).

I leave a message to for Kristian to look at your issue once he is back to work.

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Hi spit,

insert the following code (CSS) into the “footer” field in the GarageSale preferences > General and restart GarageSale 7:

<style type="text/css">.gs-pronuance #gs-mainOverlay {background: none;}</style>

This will remove the grey background color.

Regards, Kristian