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I have a pro theme that I got a long time ago. In the top pannel it has my company name but I would like to change it to my eBay user name. Is that possible?

I have 3 pro designs. In my case, it looks like GS pulls the name of the store from ebay. You likely will have to change the name of your store to your ebay user name.

What’s the name of the Pro design you are using?

I don’t know the name but I have attached a thumbnail.
Screen Shot 2022-07-18 at 11.23.26 AM

That’s a design built-in GarageSale. You can easily adjust it e.g. by using the “Design Utility”, downloadable here:

If you let me know your eBay user name I can replace the store name placeholder [[item.storeName]] with your eBay name for you and send you the modified design.

Regards, Kristian

Thanks. my user name is SilverWares

Here you go:
Pro Package (SilverWares) (54.7 KB)

Installation Instructions:

• Unzip the file
• From GarageSale’s Help menu select “Open Library Folder”.
• In that folder create a new folder “DesignTemplates” if not there already.
• Put the folder “Pro Package (SilverWares).designTemplate” into the “DesignTemplates” folder.
• Restart GarageSale.
• Open the design browser. You should now find the new design under the name “Pro: Package (SilverWares)”.

Thank you, that’s perfect.

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