PRO: Top Seller design

Hi - just upgraded to the latest after using Version 5 for the longest time (what can I say - has worked like a charm for me so why fix what isn’t broken?) and trying to get up to speed with all of the new-to-me stuff. In the TOP SELLER design, is there a way to replace that TOP SELLER artwork? I see that you can add a logo above that, what are those dimensions? Thanks!

Sorry, our designer @kristian is on vacation this and the next week. He’ll get back to you when his back.

Hi Pete,

in the Properties Inspector you can select a “Top Seller”, “Sale”, “New” or no logo. You can’t display your own logo there by default.
In addition you can add your own logo URL in the “store logo URL” field. The height of the logo image should be around 50 pixels.

In GarageSale’s Design Store there many other more adjustable Pro Designs:

Regards, Kristian

Thanks Kristian! Been playing around with it and finally decided on the AIR design. What is the size of the logo in that particular design? Thanks! Pete

Hi fly,

the perfect image height is around 110px. Width can be around 650px or wider (depends on your design width settings and browser window).

Regards, Kristian