Problem Changing a Design Template

I’m trying to change a design template. I always use Carbon Fibre and tried out Brushed. When I try to change the listing to Carbon Fibre, the Brushed frame is showing over the top of the Carbon Fibre. It’s also showing TWO Garage Sale logos at the bottom, so it appears to be applying TWO template designs at the same time. How do I clean this up?

BTW, this WAS an active listing that I had eBay correct some active content, but I tried to change the design before using the eBay editor and STILL couldn’t change the design.

Sounds to me like the listing you are trying to change the design for was imported into GarageSale using the “Import from My eBay” command.

When doing so, GarageSale cannot untangle the already applied design and imports the image links as part of the description.

The best way to fix it is copying the description text, switch to editor mode, delete the entire description and paste the description back into preview mode.

Thank you. Yes, you ARE correct. I was using the Import from My eBay to get the listing on my MacBook, which was originally listed from my iMac, BUT I couldn’t change the design on that computer, either. I experimented with the HTML editor and I found I could copy the text from the listing, then go into the html editor, delete all the html, then paste the text back into the Preview Mode and reformat the text. Then I clicked on “Revise Listing…” and revised the entire auction. This ALSO fixed an Active Content issue that eBay advised me was a problem in 4 of my listings.

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