Problem Drag & Drop Photos from Photo Into Preview Mode Screen

I’m behind the times and need to update myself. I have been running the old iPhotos app to move pictures into GS, which works perfectly.

But I cannot drag and drop pictures directly from Apple Photos into the GS (7.0.16/841) Preview Mode Screen without first exporting to disc, creating a bulky 2-step process. I can D&D to the Editor Mode Screen, but get a notification that I should also export to disc for higher resolution. Is this a problem with my OS/X Mojave environment. Trying to use the Media Library, I see the Photos icon, but I cannot access the photos this way either? Thanks for your help.

I found that the old iPhoto app works perfectly using drag and drop because it was a separate program. Apple broke it when they made Photo’s part of the system. You have to use the 2 step method to drag and drop into GS. I found the quickest work around was a new desktop folder to drop into and then drop into GS. I just keep using iPhoto for the one step import.

As rlmartin already mentioned Apple broke drag and drop from Photos to any application that uses the WebView component, like GarageSale’s preview mode does. However, you could use GarageSale’s Photo browser instead.
Also, the good news is that drag & drop will work again in the upcoming version 8 of GarageSale.

You probably have “Optimize Mac Storage” enabled in the Photos preferences > iCloud. The original image will be stored in iCloud and (if there’s not enough space left) not on your Mac.

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Thanks for your assistance as always.

If by GarageSale’s Photo Browser you mean the Media Library (which after all these years I just tried using), then my problem is getting it to see all the photos, all I see is the Photos icon. I got visibility to my photos working on my wife’s computer, but cannot get it to work on the other - perhaps because iPhoto is on that computer. Not sure what parameter or preference would control visibility to the photos in Media Center.

You might want to check:

• If you open the “Photos” application (not the “iPhotos” application) does it show all your photos?
• If yes, could it be that you have “Optimize Mac Storage” enabled in the Photos preferences > iCloud ? This might explain why no photos are shown in the GarageSale Photo Library.
• You should also check if ‘Use as System Photo Library’ in the Photos preferences has been selected.

Regards, Kristian

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