Problem with 1st.class shipping

when make a listing for a small widget and use letter with 3oz. and the dimensions require W x L x H. So I put 1 inch for HT or will it except a .5?

buyer pays $.55 shipping and i pay $3.25 shipping???

never had a problem like this before, what am I doing wrong?

Screen Shot 2020-06-15 at 12.18.13 PM

When using calculated shipping the shipping costs are calculated by eBay.
I just tried your settings in eBay’s shipping calculator and get the same results. Please see the attached screenshot.
ebay shipping calc

Regards, Kristian

Ok so what’s my answer to correct this EBay says it’s your program? All I know is while using the PRIOR GS 7 I didn’t have that problem till after the upgrade?

I’m going to have to delete my listings and use Ebays sellers to list my items, which defeats the purpose of buying GS.

How do I go back to GS7 without losing everything?

They tend to say that if you mention that you’re using a third party program.
Did you already ask the eBay support what explains the difference between the “0.55” and “3.25”?

I already replied to your support email and described where you can still download GarageSale 7.
However, you can transfer your listings created in GarageSale 8 to the old GarageSale 7, only vice versa.

Regards, Kristian

Are you mailing a 1 ounce LETTER? Or is it a PACKAGE/THICK ENVELOPE? Different rates apply. ENVELOPE is a letter that can be bent as it goes through the machines at the Post Office, PACKAGE /THICK ENVELOP is more because it can’t be machined.

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