Problem with hidden deleted files

Using GS 9.8a5 (1664)

When I perform a search, with my deleted folder empty, I find that there are ‘hidden’ listings in the deleted folder. Or are there?

Take a look:

  1. Deleted Listing folder is empty

  2. Perform a search

Listings are now found in the Deleted Listings folder BUT the only way to get rid of them is to delete them, NOT ‘Erase Deleted Listings.’

I am a bit puzzled by this. Do any of the GS start-up options fix this issue? Enjoy.


I also just discovered this and was going to report it but I will add to yours. Appears to be a similar issue. A search returns 2 legit listings and 4 “ghosts”. The 2 circled area legit and the 4 others are dead links that lead nowhere. AND as an added wrinkle, not every listing has 4. Some are fine, some have 1 ghost, some have 2 ghosts and some have 3.

Pretty Sue I only see one copy.

Could you upload your GarageSale.leveldb directory as a .zip archive somewhere for us to download, so we can check what’s going on?

Will do, Ilja. It will be in a couple of weeks though when I get back from Bali David

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