Problem with listing fees

when i download a new listing, its appears a listing fee for 0,06 euros.
The problem is that I have a shop with 10000 free ads and I only have 2700 online now.
I refreshed access token but the problem persists.
Do you have a solution ?
Thanks for your reply.
Best regards.

Same problem!!! 0,06 € also for me. I know it might not indicate a real fee, but what’s strange is that until yesterday it said 0,00€ fees when I relisted!! And I am also in the same situation, actually 800 active and 5000 to be relisted… in the meanwhile, I am relisting crossing fingers it is not a real fee…

Almost certainly you will not be charged. eBay’s API is notoriously bad when it comes to computing fees upfront. For some reason, the ignore there own policies and never give the correct price when the seller has a free quota.

My advice is to list a single listing with GarageSale, ignoring the whatever fees GarageSale shows you before and after the listing. Right after the listing go to the eBay website and verify that the listing was indeed free to list.

The problem is not very serious. When I download a new ad, I have no listing fee added.

I agree Kristian. Ebay is rubbish in this area. I always do as you suggested, ignore the message then check. Mind you, be prepared to spend hours with Ebay sorting out their promos which frequently fail in the fee area.

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