Problems adding photos to active listings

I have tried on several occasions to add photos to an active auction with bids, usually to provide greater detail to something I’m selling. However, I’m not able to add photos more photos to the active listing, either by uploading them via GarageSale (via the Revise Listing feature) or even through the listing editor on eBay’s website. Has anyone else experienced the same problem? Is there a workaround? Thanks! Chris

I think once you have a bid, the auction can’t be changed in any way. You may be able to add a photo to a reply to a question, I think, not 100% sure.

When you receive a bid, the only solution is adding the photo into the description. All other part of the listing, from title to images, are not possible to be changed. It does not depend on GS but on ebay rules…

Please see the eBay help here for revising restrictions:

Regards, Kristian

It says for auction style listings with 12 hours or more, I should be able to add photos. The problem is, I can’t either via Garage Sale or directly via the eBay editor. The eBay rep told me it had something to do with the Garage Sale coding. Frankly, I’m surprised more people haven’t reported this problem.

You can’t use eBay’s standard “revise” function if the listings already has bids. What you can do is to add additional information BELOW the original item description. This can only be done via the eBay website directly, not from within GarageSale (it’s not supported by the eBay API as far as I can tell).

Regards, Kristian

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