Problems Changing Design

I’ve read most of the manual looking for an answer, and I’ve done a search on it here, to no avail.

I have also tried just about everything I can think of, but can’t figure out how to change the design of some of my listings.

I just closed one of my two accounts because it wasn’t worth it for the amount I was getting and now I need to use the same design as my other account.

No matter what I try, I can’t make the design stick to my pages.

They aren’t imported.

Failing that, I need to change the categories to match the first account.

I have done this before, but cannot for the life of me figure out how.

To change settings of many listings at a time, first bulk select the listings you want to modify:

Then choose the information you want to change, like design:

or categories:


Did you already figure out how to change a design for a single listing?
If not, this is the section in the help and there’s a video tutorial available, too:

Selecting a design for multiple listings at once works pretty much the same, you just have to make sure to select the listings (again) in overview mode. There’s a short animation available in the help here:

Hope this helps,

@kristian, maybe it’s just me, but I watched the video twice and read through everything just to be sure, but I don’t see where it addresses changing the design from one design (in this case, Pro: Eco) to another (Pro: Package).

I tried doing them like any bulk edit yesterday, but that didn’t work.

Because there is no option to APPLY or anything else other than “Don’t Use a Design” and “Design Store,” it made me think I had simply missed the option I wanted.

So I’m opting for keeping the design that does not match the one I use in my main store and just changing the categories to match.

But I should mention that neither of the pages is valid due to Biz Practices.

Thank you. Opted for changing the categories.

I think I found my problem. Design Properties is empty.

Despite this, the Payment, Shipping, and About Us boxes are there and correct.


Do you mean the tab in the right hand column next to the listing? That’s strange, does that listing use the pro: eco design? The only thing I can figure out is that you did not switch to the correct design… or maybe you might try to download again that design, possible?

I’m sorry. It was late and I was fed up and exhausted when I wrote that.

Yes. That column is where I mean. I have been trying to change Pro:Eco to Pro: Package.

I’ll try again after breakfast. Good idea. I sort of thought “Oh no! This has ruined 300+ listings that I have to do by hand now!” I guess I didn’t stop to think that I have nothing to lose by trying again.



@fedege96 I think that once again, I failed to communicate what I meant by “change the categories to match the first account.”

I had two stores, and they each had different designs and different categories.

I closed the newer store because it was not making enough money to make it worthwhile.

So, what I am trying to do is change the categories of the store that I closed to the categories of my older store. This is just a temporary thing so that I can sell the stuff while I start all of my 423 listings from scratch.

NOTE: Changing design is out of the question. No matter what I do, nothing happens, and this probably somehow related to the empty PROPERTIES and USER PROPERTIES sections. RESET DESIGN PROPERTIES also does nothing. Hence, the starting from scratch idea.


Sorry @Michelle I read your last post quickly and then later forgot to reply

Ok now I understand. First question, did you modify categories of the open shop OVER ebay? If you did it, go to GS preferences > account > update account information. This way GS will download the new categories you entered OVER ebay for the shop you are currently using.

That is extremely strange, is that listing using a pro design?

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