Problems for shipped label in order section

I report some problems I had in orders section and that I consider quite serious. I hope you could find a solution.

  1. when I ship an item, I am used to send a message to the buyer with the code and a brief text (it is a pre-made template which auto-updates). So, after dispatching, I open GS and type in the proper field the tracking number (if available) and then I select the postal method. As soon as I select “poste italiane” courier from the dropping menu the order disappears since it is automatically marked as shipped. This is not very useful since I have to look for this specific oder in the whole group to send buyer a message. If I try to send the message before selecting the courier (tracking number is written), in the auto-updated message there is no code, I supposte because it requires to select before the courier; the matter is that if I select “poste italiane” the order disappears on his own and each time I have to look for it between all other orders if I want to send a message.

  2. this one is very important, please fix it as soon as you can. Many orders don’t have a tracking number so the field remains empty. After dispatching, I open GS and I select the courier (still “poste italiane”) and then I manually mark the order as shipped (or… I write a random letter in the tracking code field and it is automatically marked as shipped, see point n° 1). BUT!!.. I discovered that all those orders marked manually as shipped with GS, on eBay site are still waiting for shipping!!! I mean, if there is a tracking code, eBay site is updated, on the contrary, if there is no code and I manually mark order as shipped, ebay transaction is not updated and still needs to be shipped…

I hope to hear soon from you

Just to make sure I understand your report correctly, here is the summary I came up with:

  1. If a listing from a smart group is selected, this listing should stay selected, even when a user action causes it to be no longer part of the smart group.

  2. The “shipped” check box is not automatically synched with eBay.

Did I get you right?

Hello @ilja,
yes, just a note, the “shipped” check box is not automatically synched with eBay only if there is no tracking number.

Thank you for fast reply

Issue #1 should be fixed with Beta 50. We are still thinking about how to best implement #2.

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Super as always, hope to try soon the new beta!