Problems with auto cancel still

Had about 4000 items set to end today and all of them set to auto-cancel at 6 hours.

Power failed during the night. I rebooted again and restarted GS but many of the items were down to 1 hour before ending and eBay re-listing them.

Nothing in the Activity Window

I reset the first 500 to auto-cancel at 1 hour and that worked but the other 3500 are edging closer to 1 hour finishing and no further items are auto-cancelling.

I understand that it may be that the volume and the reboot added to this issue but a couple of things spring to mind that could make life easier (for me).

  1. The ability to stop/restart the GS thread that handles the auto-cancel. Either in GS or Unix is fine.

  2. More information on what is going on. I know this one has been discussed previously.

Imagine if I had been away and something caused the auto-cancel to fail. A big mess to clean up that will take days.

Any advice or help gratefully accepted.


Changing items from 1 hour then back to 6 hours will stop the items that have been changed but not the others.

This is still happening to me. GS guys. I would appreciated some help rather than being left to flounder.


I don’t know if this is helpful but here it goes. I was adding listings to cancel and restart and a few were accidentally set to restart in 6 days (it was 3 days past the 6) instead of my usual 1 hour and they started restarting on their own.

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