Problems with incorrect shipping rates

I am based in the UK but listing items on

In the Options tab under Shipping I have listed three domestic options and two international options.

Since most of my buyers will be outside the UK, I need the default shipping options to be the international ones, not the domestic ones. But even if I go to one of my live listings and specify under shipping a US zip code, eBay still offers the domestic shipping rates, not the international shipping rates.

I have already lost money on this. How can I set GarageSale up so that the shipping options for future listings are correct?


there is no option to sort the international options before the domestic. Each buyer will see the shipping options that best fit its location. So your international buyers will see the international shipping rate.

GarageSale can not have a feature that eBay does not offer.


Paul, first of all thank you for responding so quickly, and on a Saturday. That’s amazing! I’ve now worked out the best way to resolve this issue within eBay’s constraints.