Product catalog search results change

I’ve noticed over the last few weeks that more listings that were already identified in the eBay Product Catalog (books, in this case) have been generating “Product Not Found” errors when I re-list them manually.

Until today, I haven’t really spent much time trying to fix the broken links, but today I spent some time trying to re-discover the same items I had already found in earlier catalog versions.

I don’t know if it’s a server-side change outside your control, or a change in the API, but it certainly looks like the results are much broader and fuzzier. For example, I used to be confident of one or two hits when entered the first couple of words of a book’s title, and the publication date. Now there are dozens or hundreds of returned results from the same kind of search.

If it’s a server-side change in the search settings, I guess there’s nothing any of us can do. But if there is an API expansion, could you check to see if there’s a way to narrow the product search results intentionally?

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