Products that have failed

Hey Everyone… Just wondering, so when i revise items some fail because of offers etc…

Is there anyway to then view the failed items? reason i ask i have changed shipping… but the failed ones will still show the old one until the offer has expired…

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This would also be a good feature for me.

What I do to work around is try to “Revise” items (without making any changes) first, and then manually set aside the ones that fail because of offers or short duration.

That is not the best, because I also will change the price before realizing I can’t push the change to eBay. But at least when I can change the price, it is already correct locally.

Hiya! not a bad work around that thanks! Yeah id like to see this as a feature for sure. - even just a little label or something…

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A good solution for this problem would be to have all or at least the last received errors received saved in the listing. But that requires some thought, changes to the data model and interface elements.

How about this “quick and dirty” solution. In the “Launch Control” window, we add the ability to add to set “Tags” on the listings (new feature in GS 9), so you could visually identify the listings in the outline view and filter for them using smart groups.

Obvious downside to the “Tag” solution: You’d need to manually set and later clear these tags when errors first occur and later disappear.

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Hey there!

The tag solution to me sounds like a good way to get around this… but i think this might be a btter way also? So if i revise my items around 1500 of them… and say 6 didnt revise becuase of offers or something…

I need to scroll through each one… could there be an option of say a drop down / filter to show failed items? to which you could just select all and mark? jsut a thought.

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