Program keeps crashing

I am having persistant issues with GS crashing when I click on certain auctions. One instance involves listings, which have the scheduler box checked: When I either attempt to unclick the checkbox or change the scheduled date, the program just crashes. On several other listings, the program crashes the instant I click on the title in the side bar. Strangely enough, I attempted recreating the auctions by copying a totally different template and got the same crash when I recreated the listing. This is out of several hundred auctions - 99% of them do not crash the program. Any ideas?

I kept having this happen with GS 6 - the only fix was to exit the program in between slight changes to my first new template. I did this multiple times and now GS 6 will function (and allow new templates to be created). No idea why though.

Good luck!

What version of GarageSale 6 are you running? If if’s not GarageSale 6.9.8, please try it:

I am running version 7.0.3. This is a very strange issue - the bad templates are so volatile, I am not able to even delete them, as simply clicking on the template crashes the program. I ended up going into eBay manually to list the auctions using “Sell Similar.” I wonder if the problem has to do with the photos because adding photos to a bad template crashes the program? I also know the scheduler has something to do with it, as other bad templates will crash the program when I attempt to uncheck the scheduler.

I sent you a private message to diagnose this further.

@coloradorc Just throwing this out there: Awhile ago I used to struggle with random “bad” templates that would crash GS the moment I clicked on a bad template. I would also randomly have listing images that would go “bad” within GS and need to be re-loaded into GS. I could only delete the bad template by selecting a group of templates clustered together with the bad one in the middle so I didn’t actually click on the bad one, then delete those multiple templates all at once.

When I would do a TimeMachine back-up there were always a ton of random corrupted files and GS images that wouldn’t transfer properly because they were corrupted. It turned out my hard drive was failing! (Even though a system hardware check said it was fine, an Apple store person diagnosed the issue.) So things weren’t reading and writing correctly and getting corrupted because of the failing hard drive. I replaced my iMac’s hard drive and the issue completely stopped - no more corrupt templates or images! If your computer is acting funny/slow in other ways, you may want to consider the possibility that your hard drive going bad and corrupting GS files. Maybe yours is completely unrelated, but it was the issue in my case!

Hi etb222,

thank you for letting us know and clarifying the issue!

Regards, Kristian

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