Put GS on external SSD

We run GS on several computers and one of the laptops is running out of space. Is there any way to put the GS database on an external SSD?

Sorry, as far as I can tell that won’t work.
The GarageSale database needs to be located in your home library on your internal hard drive.

If you need to free some disk space, try to delete no longer needed listings (or export/archive them) and empty GarageSale’s trash bin afterwards.

There is a nice tool called “DaisyDisc” that can help you free some disk space also.

Why not to move the data and then create a soft (or hard) folder link from the internal mac’s drive with the GS files to the external SSD drive? That’s a pretty straight forward thing to do.

We don’t officially support off-loading parts of the GarageSale library on external disks, because given Apple’s sandbox restrictions it’s not guaranteed that all the different parts of GarageSale will still work correctly.

Also, it’s hard to diagnose how GarageSale will react if some parts of its library are not accessible, in the event the user forgot to plugin the external disk.

Without any warranty or implied support, moving just the “ImageLibrary” part of the GS library to an external drive might be your safest bet for success.

Also, just moving the images should have the least implications when the external drive is not present, because GarageSale cannot not magically create new images out of thin air.

However, this requires use the Terminal application. If aren’t experienced with it, please find someone who is, and can perform the necessary commands for you.

  1. In GarageSale, choose “Help” menu > “Open Library” folder
  2. Quit GarageSale
  3. Locate the ImageLibrary folder and copy it to root level of your external drive
  4. Rename the original ImageLibrary folder to something else, e.g. “ImageLibrary_”
  5. Open the Terminal app and navigate to the GarageSale library folder that’s open in the Finder window

~ cd ~/Library/Containers/com.iwascoding.garagesale9/Data/Library/Application\ Support/GarageSale

  1. Create a symlink pointing from the “ImageLibrary” folder on your external to “ImageLibrary” in your GarageSale library folder

ln -s /Volumes/<your_volume_name>/ImageLibrary ImageLibrary

  1. Restart GarageSale and cross your fingers your images are still there.

Hope this works.

Thanks so much for all the suggestions but I think I’ll just replace the laptop.


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