Quantity levels once sold

Hello! can i just check something… So i have an item, that has 10 in stock… 5 have now sold, but GS still says 10 is that right??

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Yes, You have to always watch that when revising or the inventory on ebay will be updated to what GS has incorrect. Be sure and check the little box for “USE Quantity Left” on the launch control panel and GS will correct to show the number left. I sometimes do it just to watch GS get the number correct after a sale.
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Ah thanks! never noticed that option before ( im still newish to GS )

Now after using that will that keep the stock updated in something sells?? or do i need to revise it to get the levels each time?

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This is the only option to get GS to update quantity after an item sells from a multi quantity listing. GS programmers will have to explain for you as to why they don’t update after sales. I think they said it would make confusion someplace? I have forgotten exactly what they told me.

HIya, oh right… yeah okay. Im worried i might sell stock i dont have is i am not paying attention…

Will have to keep an eye on them for now then, thanks anyway

Yes, that is a continuous problem I have is over selling stock on hand. I make the mistake a couple times a month.

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