Question about 8.X Pro Upgrade

Greetings. Many-year Garage Sale user here, currently on 7.X.

As I understand it, I can buy a license for 8.X for $19.95US and with my installation email, there will be a coupon that will allow me to use 8.X Pro for 60 days before I am charged monthly for the Pro subscription, is that correct?

I then assume that this 60 day coupon will allow me the full access to the Pro version including synching between multiple computers, etc, is that correct as well?

Thank you.

That’s correct.

After these 2 months you won’t be charged automatically. You actively have to subscribe to GarageSale Pro.

More about GarageSale Pro in the help here:

Yes, exactly.

If you have further questions please let us know.
Regards, Kristian

Thank you - I will be upgrading to 8.x today. :slight_smile:

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