Question About an Icon

Until now, I’ve basically ignored this icon, but I have a few moments to ask about it now.

I have no idea what it’s called, but I call it a “chat box,” because it looks like where words go in comic books.

It’s the thing to the right of each of these listings.

Sometimes it has other numbers in it, though the attached screenshot only shows a bunch with zeroes in it.

What does this signify?

Hi Michelle,

these icons show the bid count (auction format) or the count of purchased items (fixed price format).

Maybe we should explain it better in the GarageSale help or add it to the GarageSale icon legend.

Regards, Kristian

If I sell Buy-It-Now (fixed price format) one-of-a-kind items, with quantity 1 or no quantity, will this bubble always show zero 0??

Maybe in that case, it would be better to remove the bubble, or not show it at all.


No, if the listing is a buy-it-now with quantity=1 (not possible zero), there is no icon on the right because there are no bids/no multiple quantity available.

Thank you, Kristian.

First place I looked was the Legend. That would probably be a good thing.

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