Question about marking listings

Hi. I am having to go through my GS listings and compare them to what I have listed on another platform. Is there a way to mark those which have been checked?

I had started by simply putting a symbol at the start the title then realized I would then have to go back and erase that symbol when I needed to re-list (as Find and Replace does not work, that is a HUGE task with 20,000 listings).

Is there any kind of flagging or colour coding system that I have missed?



Hi Tracy,

what you could do is to use the “Private Comment” field to mark/note that a listing has been listed on another platform.

Hope this helps,

How about a new feature to “Flag” listings???

Just like in Apple Mail and eBay Messages.

With a flag icon :triangular_flag_on_post: on the right-hand side of the left-hand-listing-pane.

And a Smart Group trigger for “Flagged is/is not True/False”.

And, a “flag” column in the middle-pane.

And…I suppose also in Orders and Inventory items… :slight_smile:

I guess this would end up being a bit more work than it appears at first… :slight_smile:



Hi Tracy

I think it is coming in some sort way yet undetermined.

A number of us are crying out for this. It will improve our workflow and GS experience drastically.


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