Question About Variations

Hello GS community. Here is my challenge: After watching the help video on creating variations I do not understand how the inventory appears in the left sidebar of the variations table. In the video, the different size t-shirt listings already show up in the variation inventory and the tutorial doesn’t show how to make that happen.

I created my main listing for board game parts. Variations are allowed in this category.
I then created a listing for each individual type of part I’m selling.
So how do I connect the pieces?

Honestly, the iwascoding tutorial is of no help, at least for me.

Thanks for any help

You can create inventory items in GarageSale’s Inventory section.
Please see the help here:

Regards, Kristian

Thank you Kristian. Now I see the connection :raised_hand:

Okay, I have created my first board game parts & pieces variation listing. What’s missing in the tutorial video: assuming the seller understands & has used the inventory feature. That should have been covered first.

Problems I encountered:
Had never used inventory before and was unaware of that feature
Required to add some type of description for each variation, was getting an error message

Remaining Question: Can I re-order (organize) the variations? Or is it once you enter them you are stuck with the order you’ve put them in.

Now that I’ve figured it out, this is a beneficial feature and much easier than using eBay’s variations.

Thanks again Kristian for the prompt reply and help.

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