Question on categories allowed in eBay Global Shipping

I have used Garage sale for years - and when I was added to eBay managed payments, I stopped using it and it wasn’t supported. Now I see that managed payments is supported and I tried to set up a listing and got an error message.

  • I see primarily music CDs, and when I list them directly into eBay - no problem with Global Shipping.
  • The error message on Garage Sale was that Global Shipping does not support the CD category.
  • I am using version 7.0.2 - is this the reason? I was planning to upgrade - but I get sales on GSP and I’d hate to lose them.


Thanks and regards, Steve :slight_smile:

If you stay on version 7 you need to find and download the latest version of GS7

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I have been in eBay Managed Payments since August 2020 and I sell a few items each week thru the eBay Global Shipping program. eBay Managed Payments now supports GSP and GarageSale v8.3.5 is working great with GSP.


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Thank you both RL and Neal. I figured it would be something simple - I appreciate your help.

I upgraded to the latest version and after figuring out how to start all over again - everything worked fine - the problem I had is no longer a problem. I really appreciate your help - I was hesitant to upgrade if it wasn’t going to help. Thank you thank you…

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