Question re: Item Specifics


I am just editing the item specifics on one of my items. I need to add a new custom item and it adds this to the end of the list. Is there a way to re-order them in GarageSale?

If not, maybe this could be considered for a future update - the ability to drag them into the preferred order maybe?

I guess I need to delete them all and rebuild the list in the order that I want them in?

Also, not crucial but a bit annoying - when I open the attributes window in the options side panel and then switch away from GS to another piece of software the attributes window with the item specifics in is automatically closed when I return. It’s not a huge problem but it would be nice if it stayed open :slight_smile:

The plan for GS 8.0 is to make all current popovers detach-able, so you stay open once you have torn them from their default location. This way you could have several instances of the attributes popover to copy information between listings.

I added to request for re-ordering attributes to our list, too.

Sounds good - thanks

Out of interest, how far away would you be expecting version 8 to be, quite a while I would guess?

Thanks :slight_smile:

We aimed for early next year to start with the beta phase, but the the whole active content and https policy changes costs us months, we didn’t initially anticipate. So, it looks like spring at the earliest at the moment.

OK, thanks a lot :slight_smile:

Is there somewhere that you can view what your future plans are in upcoming versions?

We only have very vague timeline, which we never actually met. If we’d publish a timeline, people would become angry for us not meeting the published milestones.

To paraphrase a common quote: “no plan survives the first contact with eBay”

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Ha ha - I understand that :slight_smile:


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