Questions about images on FTP server

My pictures have very long that I cannot remember nor enter easily.
As I’m working on both PC and Mac, I uploaded them to an FTP server that I could connect.

I hoped that when trying to add a picture to a listing, GarageSale would allow me to browse pictures on the remote server, thanks to the FTP connection and pick one.
Is this impossible or I’m missing something?

Second question: Because of large number of pictures, they were put into subfolders of the remote storage. I assume that eBay access the pictures in https:// and not in FTP and that it should not be a problem, as long as I mention the subfolder in the path to the picture.

Sorry, it doesn’t work this way. In GarageSale you need to choose “Add Image URL…” and add the image URL there.

Yes, you just need to enter a valid https URL, e.g.

Hope this helps,

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