Questions about using attributes

I recently stares using attributes with books listings. I have some question.
First, is it possible somehow to move selection between attributes in description field using tab? It is possible if I work in the pop-up window, but not in attributes fields shown in description. This would be very nice.
Then, is it possible to generate attributes fields into the html body of description?

Thanks for any tip

With the latest version of GarageSale it is possible to jump from on attribute field to the next one using the tab key. It works a bit basic though:
• You first have to select any of the attribute input fields.
• GarageSale sometimes reloads the Preview. It then loses the selection.

Yes, please see the last 3 examples well hidden in the GarageSale help here:

If you need help with that, please let me know.

Hi Kristian,
thanks for your help. I will check the latest version asap.
Concerning the last tip, I always ask myself how many hidden tricks there must be in GS that I still do not know their existence… anyway, I tried the last example (more attributes like languages), but I cannot display a correct table like using the first example. I don’t understand what’s wrong…

Also, I forgot to ask if it is possible somehow to create my own attribute with specific values (I mean, a sort of pop-up like in languages attribute with pre set values that I can scroll and choose).

I just tried the following and for me it works perfectly fine:

[[foreach attr item.previewSpecifics attLoop]]
[[endforeach attLoop]]

You have to insert it in Editor mode (“Don’t convert” has to be selected).
Then switch to Preview mode and you should see all item specifics in a table.

Yes, the first example works nice, but it only displays one attributes. For example, in “language” I set “italian” and “English”. This way, only the first one is shown, not the second. If I use the third example from the support page, it only displays that specific attribute (in bold) and not the entire list. Let me know if I explained correctly what I mean.

Thank you again

I combined example #1 and #3. I think this will work for you:

[[foreach attr item.previewSpecifics attLoop]]
[[foreach attrValue attr.values valueLoop]][[if attrValueIndex > 0]], [[endif]][[attrValue]][[endforeach valueLoop]]
[[endforeach attLoop]]
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Super as always @kristian , it works fine !

Very last, I am looking around but find nothing about this. Have you got any ace up the sleeve?

No really but you could give “User Properties” a try:

Thanks but that’s not exactly what I was looking for. Just to give you an example, I need an attribute for book’s slipcover and it should be “no”, “yes, new slipcover” and “yes, damaged slipcover”. It would be useful to have those three values pre-set into the field, so I can immediately open and scroll the window to select the correct one. So is it really impossible to do?

Anyway, I gave a try to all these features and I find them nice. I only have some further information to ask:

  • first, there must be a bug when I press tab to switch selection (I updated to GS 9.7.3). The arrow icon is selected when you press tab after selecting an attribute field. Is this only a bug on my older macOS version? (12.3.1 by the way, other Macs are more updated but still not updated GS).

  • second, is there any way to change attributes order? It would be VERY nice. Now, order seems to be stuck.

  • third, ebay forces me to use no more than 65 characters into any attribute field. I find it a stupid choice (like the 80 characters of titles), but there is not much we can do with that… Anyway GS doesn’t show the characters count in attributes, while it does in titles. Is this something easy to add in next releases? Would be extremely nice.

For now it’s all, thanks again for your help.


Wow, Ebay in the USA allows me to use 4 characters or one number and never have had any complaints. I have 4 letters all over the place, in color for example. How do you enter “blue”?

@rlmartin 4 characters sounds absolutely impossible. Are we talking about the same feature? Just to give an example, ebay automatically generates attributes for books like author. It is impossible to be 4 characters…

Maybe are you referring to “User Properties”? Which anyway sounds to be crazy…

That’s the intended behavior. If the arrow menu is selected you can use the space key to open that menu. Then use the arrow key to go down/up and press the space again to select the desired value. Pretty handy.

As far as I know eBay would change the order of attributes by its own anyway. So, ordering them in GarageSale wouldn’t make sense, I guess.

I am not sure if all input fields/values have this 65 character limit. Showing a general character count (without a limit) should be possible to do.

Great! I was using enter instead of space. It works fine!

I see… I thought it was not reordered by ebay. Nothing to do with it…

I just made an experiment. I full all fields with more than 65 different letters each one. When I try to launch it and GS returned errors for each attribute. So the limit works for any attribute field. I think GS should block typing like in title field. Otherwise, GS won’t start all listings which attributes are longer.

I believe “Item Specifics” is “attribute” field? Yes?

Yes! Here they are called “attributes”. You should be able to set 65 characters, not only 4 (also some of yours contains longer words). The problem is when ebay ask you to insert a book title or authors and you have 5 names. How can you do that with only 65 characters?

In the drop down menu under item specifics there is an option for “Add Custom Detail”. You can change “Add Custom Detail” to what you want as many times that you want

Hi Martin,
thank you, yes I saw this feature. I created my own attributes, but some of them should contain specific values (like book cover attribute should be only “yes” or “no”). This way, if I could create my own values, I only would choose the right one instead of typing each time.

Anyway, working on attributes (a new way of using GS for me…), I have some further information to ask. Maybe you or @kristian already have a solution.

  • Sometimes a bug happens. When you create a new attribute from the main view (NOT from the right hand pop-up panel), type a value into it and click on another listing, the value is not saved. When you go back into the listing, the value is disappeared. To fix it, you have to open the right hand pop-up panel, manually type again the value from there. This way, the bug is fixed and happens no more.

  • Then, I don’t feel very safe using attributes for only one reason. There is not an “undo” command to bring back attributes I have mistakenly deleted by pressing on the “-” icon, which just next to the field. This is very frustrating because if you delete just one attributes, you cannot recreate it in the same position since you cannot change attributes order. You have to delete listing and create a new copy, or copying and pasting attributes from another listings, but this way you loose all data already written. Also, if you by mistake delete all attributes (there is a “-” command over the attributes box which delete all fields), you loose all data and there is no way to come back.
    I think a sort of “locker” which blocks all attributes from wrong deleting would be a solution. Also, a warning that appears saying “are you to delete this attribute” before actually deleting it would be fine.

What do you think about this? Maybe there is already a solution under my eyes, but I cannot find it…

Thank you

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