Rating customers sets delivery to "not shipped"

Using Version 9.0 (1423)

I used the standard feedback function to rate customers as i usually did in the past.
That lead to all sales being rated… but also set to “not shipped”.

That caused quite some major problems as ebay lists those items as “late shipments” in my profile now… as you cannot restore a status in the past once its set back to “not shipped”.

I will have to try to find a solution with ebay customer support there now.

That is a major problem and i cannot use the software until that is fixed.

And yes, i can reproduce the problem with items that i sold today and shipped already. It gets set to “not shipped” once i rate a customer.

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I do not use feedback within GS, but I had a similar issue using order section. As far as I noticed, sometimes GS does not mark the order as shipped when you check the checkbox “shipped” for the order. It seems to be very random, so if I mark 40 order as shipped at once, at least 3-4 are not marked as shipped and so eBay keeps considering them as not shipped. This is not your exact situation but might be somehow related since I also risk to lower my account reputation. eBay late shipments rate is very annoying and if you don’t have a tracking number assistance won’t remove the defect. This is very frustrating.

I have exactly the same issue - reported it to support 5 days ago (5th May) but no response yet… I have since updated to 9.0.2 but have not had the confidence to try it again until something in the change logs mentions it as like you say, it affects my defects so, for the time being, have reverted to having to leave feedback directly via eBay

Yes, this was indeed a bug that was introduced in an early beta of GarageSale 9. It will be fixed with the next release.

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