Re-arranging photos causing Buyers Love Large Photos Error

I am running Garage Sale 8.4.1 (1326).

I have been having issues tonight listing auctions. I’ve been getting the Buyers Love Large Photos error when trying to upload the listing.

I was driving myself crazy, checking the image file sizes. They were all within specification.

Then I realized, it was happening to the listings where I dragged photo’s around in Garage Sale to change the order they appeared in the listing. If I removed all the images from my listing, then renamed the images with filenames ending in 01, 02 , 03 (etc…) to get them in the right order before inserting them into Garage Sale, they upload with no issue. Same photos, same resolution, but pre-ordering them by filename before inserting into Garage Sale.

Is there a proper technique to re-arrange the photo’s display order in Garage Sale?

I noted when dragging them within Garage Sale, it makes a copy, and then I have to go back and delete the original. Perhaps this is the key to why I was getting the error?

I think I figured my issue out. I was dragging them in the main image box at the top, because it was easier to see all of the images without scrolling.

This window:

Screen Shot 2022-03-06 at 5.42.47 PM

Later tonight, when I dragged them within the listing body window, it worked properly moving instead of making a copy. I sure wished it worked that way on the upper window, as it is easier to move them around without scrolling down the window.

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