Re-listing auctions. I have the select twice.. Why?

always puzzled me when I select multiple auctions to be relisted, that is am then presented with another window, in which I have to got though and re-select which auctions, that I have already selected, that I want re-listed.

why…? I dont have to go though mucking about when I first list the auctions. why cant it be that simple again.

(yes i know that some people want to relist their original auction. but cant this be fixed with a radio-bitton like the other options. why the Drop down arrow, can that be eliminated.?)

I have to scroll a longlist, which is now double what I selected, so I now have to select and scroll.
can someone please simplify this.?. regards, Sandy

Did you try if pressing Command-A (Select-All) works in the dialog?

Hi, tried the select all (command A) and it works…

but with one Caveat…

If I do a select all, I can easily end up with the same auction listed several times. (if I have more tan one different relistings modification.)

UNLESS, I change the small drop down menu at the bottom, to ONLY last Listings… (left that bit out. that part Learnt at the cost of some listing fees…) (just in case anyone is following this)

so that has cleared up one thing…

regards, Sandy

If I do a select all, I can easily end up with the same auction listed several times.

eBay has a warning popup that will warn you if you start to post a dupe, or even something that is close to one.

never got any warning from ebay Australia.
at the bottom of my last image is the solution. simply click the drop down menu from “all listings”, and change that to “Only Last listings”…
regards, sandy

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