Re Listing, what is the best way...?

I Noticed recently when I relished an item, that suddenly I had two listings (duplicates) with different ebay items numbers, showing up.

They had been list first time, passed in, relished & passed in again, and I had accidentally re listed them a third time.

a bit if investigation, I found this listing dialogue box… love to know what it means, and why, and how to use it correctly, but info on Re Listing things is ‘thin on the ground’ in the manuals…

with over 800 items running per month, and I want to double that, I find the GS listing name turning from Yellow (active) to Red (passed in). starting be be a Bug to me, as I don’t know what has gone once round, or twice etc…

how about another colour to indicate that they have pass the ebay second listing… Candy striped red.? just a hint.

Normally I would simply duplicate the auction, remove the ‘copy’ and then list again.

what do other GS users do. don’t want to start a flame war, but just find out a good system to handle such auction relistings… regards, Sandy