Really impressed

Well, now ive spent a few hours getting my head around GS & with some help from support & the great members on here… I must say really impressed with how powerful GS actually is!!

is there anywhere i can make suggestions? or is that on here also?

All the best


Hi Paul,

Me too!! I’m a LONG time VERY Happy GarageSale user also!

I use it all day, every day. I simply could not make my living without GarageSale!

This is the place!

Ilja and Paul and Kristian are Fantastic!!


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If I may suggest… read the online manual from beginning to end. Half of the suggestions I have made over the years are covered in the manual.

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Hiya, yeah ive had a look and couldnt see anything…

My suggestion would be to be able to click on the specifics to add and edit instead of the pop up

You know about the gear in the top right corner of the item specifics? Click it to copy all the specifics on one listing to paste the exact set to another listing

Request for inline editing attributes in the preview noted. Thanks.

If I could make a request it would be to add “2 months” or “every other month” to the “Automatic Cancellation” drop down menu. ex… 2 month 1 hour before or 60 days plus 1 hour before. I hand turn off the Automatic Cancellation feature and turn it back on every other month. Once a listing of multiple items has a sale I turn off the cancel feature for 2-3 months before running the cancellation feature. I think cancelling every month is too aggressive and knocks off watchers too often. I know its more about sales than accumulating watchers but that is my opinion.

Yes this is very important, as we discussed in another thread, GS really should automatically avoid to end and relist listings with “active sales or bids”.

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