Receiving Message - Auto Payment

I am trying to start a listing and receiving an error message - You must accept the terms and conditions for auto payment.

I was able to list items through garage sale last week.

I’d try to log into the eBay website, and start a listing with the “Immediate Payment” option enabled. They will probably show you some kind of agreement you need to click through once…

I appreciate the help! I tried your suggestion and I am still having the same issue. I am getting the error message above and at the same time receiving a second error - Only Paypal or electronic payments accepted

Could you please export and send me that listing for investigation? Did you create with GarageSale, or did you use the “Import from My eBay” command to import it?

I created in GarageSale. Here is the listing.


Have you tried unselecteting the “See description” checkbox in the payment options?

I just did that and it got rid of the paypal error, but I still have the first error and now a new one. See attached.10 PM

The first error is just a warning (yellow triangle), and shouldn’t prevent your from listing.

The second one is a though one to crack, as ebay doesn’t provide enough information in the error message to exactly diagnose the issue. Here is a help page that might help:

It may be “Cuba”. Years ago, eBay wouldn’t let me post this stamp. I think that is probably still true. I’ll delete it and start something else.

Can you send me the link that I need to go to so that I can eliminate this warning every time? I cannot copy the link from GS.

I believe you can right-click the error message to get a “copy” command. Then paste it into TextEdit and copy only the link.

Thank you so much for EVERYTHING! I’m good now.

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Cuba is a forbidden word, if you list it, in a few days ebay will remove it. write C u b a or something like that

Great idea! Thank you.

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