Recent changes how Smart groups act

Someone a couple weeks back reported this but I can’ t find it now. I can no longer double click on a listing in a smart group and have it go to the original. Previously an item could be double clicked on to take you to the original item. Now GS stays on the item in the smart Group which can’t be duplicated to start a new listing from that item. I have found if I right click and choose “reveal original” it takes you into the folder but I thought originally a double click on that item took you to the original.

As far as I can recall it never was possible to jump to the original listing by just double-clicking on it in the left outline view. Double-clicking on a listing in the left outline lets you edit the title…

You’ll need to select “Reveal Original” and then go on from there.

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Ok, My mistake. I have been increasing my usage of smart groups. A quick way to jump to the original to create a new listing perhaps would be a neat feature to add? Instead of right click and scroll down to the “reveal original” line (a feature discovered by me yesterday).

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I figured out what I was doing. I was in my “current listings file” with all my listings and when I double click on it it jumps down to the listing so I can edit or duplicate it. Since I am using smart groups on a daily basis I assumed there was a change.

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