Recommend a listing design please

Hi, ive been searching the store designs on offer in Garage Sale and cant seem to find one that has an option for featuring images of other products i have for sale that i want to advertise in the listing…
So customers can link quickly to my other products…

Essentially i want to be able to show about 6 or 9 images at the bottom of each listing. Ideally with the option for up to 3 hyperlinks next to each image, that will simply link back to other items i have for sale in my store…

Any designs come to mind please?

If I cannot locate a pre-made design that suits I assume would i have to hire a designer to make me something using this method…

as far as I know, you can link categories but not other products with GS designs (I suppose you are looking for something like auctiva banner). That would be useful but I think it might give some problems with listing loading, at least I had in the past. Let’s hear what GS team says…

Yes i know auctiva banner, but i am looking for something that is just static images in a 3 grid design with an ability to link to my other products actually. If it cant be done within Garage sale that is interesting, but i guess it can be done outside of GS as i have some examples I am looking to mimic, not that I am tech savvy enough to see how they were designed.

Hi oldbrowndog,

a cross promotion box feature is not available in GarageSale. The only solution so far is to create your own (static) cross promotion with HTML code. Make sure to only embed images that use the “secure” https protocol as required by eBay.
Linking to your other eBay listings should be fine.

From eBay:
“Internal links to other eBay pages are also allowed. This includes links to eBay Messages, other eBay items, Stores pages, Follow Seller or Add to my Favorite Sellers features.”

Regards, Kristian

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