Reimport deleted orders?

I’ve inadvertently deleted several orders. Is there a way to reimport them once the trash has been emptied? I have all the details from ebay, so I know what was sold, but would like to have the GS orders for consistent record keeping.

I have the listings, but want to see them SOLD from the orders side.


In the GarageSale preferences > Orders click on the “Forget Deleted Orders” button.
This will make GarageSale re-download all previously deleted orders.

Regards, Kristian

Thanks, Kristian, I found that in other postings, but it does not seem to have any effect.
I’ve reset my access token too, and still nothing.

Selecting “Update all orders” from the “Order” menu is worth another try.

Regards, Kristian

Still nothing, I’m afraid. I even tried restoring the GarageSale file from a Time Machine back up and the orders weren’t there. Now I’m not sure what I did to delete them. I may try an earlier back up tomorrow.

Are these deleted orders maybe older orders which are no longer available on eBay?

Regards, Kristian

No, June 2020. Within 60 days.

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