Relist inserting incorrect item header

Just tried relisting a handful of items but when I get to the tab to submit & start the listing the original listing ‘headline’ description has been replaced with whatever I had previously listed, exact same thing happened several months ago, running current version etc so no idea on this

What version of GarageSale are you using? Did you change the title shortly before relisting?

Using the very latest version of GS, created a fresh listing which was fine but then relisted a listing that had ended & was further down my list of items & the relist automatically adopted the headline of the fresh listing I’d just added when all I’d done was click to relist

Just select ‘About GarageSale’ from the ‘GarageSale’ menu in GarageSale to get the exact version number you’re using.

Regards, Kristian

GS 7.0.10, the latest version.

Just to narrow down the steps that lead to this issue:

  1. you created a new listing and changed its title and other properties? Was that using the preview or the editor mode?
  2. You change to an existing listing and re-listed it
  3. At some point during the relist, the title of the relisted listing changed to the title of the listing created in step 1.


I sell clothes, shoes etc & everything is in order, shoes are all together, as are jeans, shirts etc. I relisted a handful of items (shoes) with no issue & then scrolled down to start a fresh listing of new stock (jeans) by doing what I always do & duplicating a similar listing & changing only the size / colour parts of the description. Despite the fresh listing being jeans & no where near the previous relist of shoes the headline tab adopted the script I used on the shoes. It’s normally fine but every now & again I run into this problem.

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