Relist, some items have zero views and some retain their old number

Greetings, I have a question about relisting an item using GarageSale. I am not sure there is an easier way, but I look through all my listings and ones that are colored “Black” are ones I had listed before and ended after 30 days. I then will click on it and choose “Relist Listing”. When I go to Ebay, some of the items are reset at “zero” or “one” view, while some retain their higher view number. And it seems both ways do not carry over any “watchers”. I am wondering what it the best way to relist items? I used to make a duplicate and relist the new one. Maybe I have something not checked right in some listings? Thanks in advance for any advise :slight_smile: Love the program :slight_smile:

In the Inspector Panel under the advanced tab is a checkbox to setup automatic restart for the listing.
Can’t say if this will clear up the changing view and watcher numbers. Hope this helps.


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Thanks Steve I will try that out :slight_smile:

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