Relist vs Sell Similar

I’ve been reading a lot about the advantages of using Sell Similar rather than a pure “relist”. Is there a way through GarageSale to do a Sell Similar?

“7) Sell Similar. Your listings contain a coded history that Cassini uses to favor new listings and downplay older ones. To defeat this and make it work for you, when something hasn’t sold after 120 days old, just end it and then use the “sell similar” feature which transfers all the product details but not its listing history. A bulk “Sell Similar” feature is now included in Selling Manager Pro and you can process 50 items at a time. When I first tried this, 12 out of the first 40 items that sold were old stock.”

In my very own opinion, it does not depend on “selling similar” or not. It is just that GTC listings literally go buried after some weeks and a large % of buyer follow categories and so pick newly listed items. GTC are never shown in categories as newly listed, except when you list for the first time. That’s why I always used the relisting feature in GS. That’s not “selling similar”, but for me worked anyway and I always sold listings that have been relisted several times before and went unsold. The problem is that managing thousands of listings with auto-relist option is quite complicate, besides not every kind of good is fitting auto-relist. I mean, those kind of goods of which there are millions of similar over ebay (like postcards) make sense to be auto-relisted (for many reasons). On the there hand, very specific relics or objects, which are unique or almost, make more sense to be GTC because they collect lots of click and follower and one day will be sold because they will be visible due to elevate “traffic” and not buried as a single postcard similar to other hundreds from bigger seller. At least, this is my theory… and no, I don’t think there is the “sell similar” option in GS.

I wonder if just changing the design template and then relisting it through GS is enough for eBay to re-index the item as a new item. I guess I will try some testing. thanks for feedback and thoughts.

welcome. I would reply, partially yes. I already did some testing and I noticed that after updating (without real changes, just revised) old groups of GTC listings, some went sold or received offers almost immediately after, which is hard to think as a coincidence. Anyway, GTC vs relisting still remains hard to choice…

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