Relisted minus subtitle - but subtitle & charges remain

Hi there

Ebay now charge a ridiculous £1.00 for a subtitle - and don’t even get me started on defects!

I removed the subtitle (& saved) an expired listing in GS - then relisted it with ‘relist with all changes’ selected.

I just checked the item on eBay - and the relisted item still has the subtitle. Thinking it might be my cache I cleared it - quit & reloaded. It was still there. So I logged into my eBay account - and indeed the subtitle charges have been applied. I just loaded GS again to check - and the subtitle is not there.

Any ideas?

Hi there,

I just tested this scenario. In my test, the subtitle was not included in the re-listed version of the listing.

What version of GarageSale have you been using?


Hi Ilja

I tried again with two further listings - and this time it was fine?!

Oh well - thanks for your reply.

I will let you know if the problem reoccurs.

Thanks - Chris.

I had that happen to me several times. I went to the template, highlighted it, even though it was blank and hit delete and that solved it.

Just as a point of interest, Machineage, I had the same problem. It kept coming back no matter what I did.

In the end, I deleted the auction and started fresh because nothing else worked.

The good news is, I called eBay support and explained the problem. They could see that the subtitle said, “SUBTITLE” and I pointed out that clearly since it didn’t help sales to have such a subtitle, they should refund my money. They did.